Anatomy and Physiology
Made Simple

Anatomy and Physiology Made Simple  

Anatomy and Physiology Made Simple
This is an outstanding students companion text for student studying Human Anatomy Course! Organized by body systems, the clearly labeled illustrations and photographs give a stunning visual reference to anatomical structures and physiological concepts. Great resources for both one and two semester course Anatomy and Physiology course. Optional DVDs and Videos accompany this study textbook.


with more than 3500 Practice Question and Answers together with labeled diagrams.

full set of more than 25 hours lectures on Anatomy and Physiology made by fine AP Professors and Instructors.

InterActive Practice
Questions either on CD or downloads

Publisher: Minnay Educational Services
ISBN: 978-0-9734892-2-4


  • Summarized Chapter notes for all topics of Anatomy and Physiology I and II. These are helpful to grasps concepts in the class.
  • Interactive Quizzes for each chapter helps you practice once you finish studying the chapter and it scores your grade instantly evaluating your progress.
  • Cumulative Exam mocks the Boards and Final Exams; you can time your self and practice to master the subject. The quiz has about 3700 interactive questions and key.
  • Glossary with Anatomical and other terms used in medical field helps you with the daily language used in the medical field.

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